Morris Creek Watershed

In the early fall of 2001 several grass-root citizens took the initiative to organize and restore the environment to its previous pristine condition. On March 21, 2002 the Morris Creek Watershed Association, Inc. (MCWA) was officially formed and consisted of four officers, twenty-two directors, and a total of about forty-five members. 

The MCWA is a non-profit 501-3-C organization made up of local citizens with a mission to improve the safety of the Morris Creek watershed, restore its natural beauty, and provide recreational opportunities. MCWA’s goals are to return the Morris Creek watershed to a safe environment for all residents while restoring the water quality to a condition capable of supporting both aquatic life and local recreational activities.
The MCWA’s principal place of business is currently located at 328 Morris Drive, Montgomery, WV, 25136, in Fayette County, West Virginia. 
The association’s mailing address: PO Box 927, Montgomery, WV 25136
Phone: 304-442-4581

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

Today, the MCWA is an active and thriving organization with several projects to its credit as it continues “Building a better tomorrow today…. one drop at a time.”