Gauley Bridge

Gauley Bridge, located in Fayette County, is a small community with a population of 738.

Businesses: Vintec Manufacturing is a billet machining company located in Gauley Bridge; Auixer Welding provides service and redesigning of mining equipment.

Schools: Gauley Bridge Elementary is a pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade facility serving fewer than 200 students.

Parks: Bea Rhinehart Park is a city park within Gauley Bridge. Cathedral Falls, boasting a waterfall over 60 feet, is one of the most majestic waterfalls in the region. This park is easily accessed via US Route 60.

Of Interest: The town of Gauley Bridge marks the point where the New River and Gauley River converge to become the Kanawha River. Gauley Bridge, although not incorporated until 1978, enjoys a long and rich history. Gauley Bridge Baptist Church, established in 1835, was the first church in the area. Later it would be burned during the Civil War then rebuilt. During the Civil War, the town was captured and recaptured three times, and bridges over the Gauley River were burned twice.  K & M Railway Station, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, houses the offices of Gauley Bridge Town Hall. Perhaps the most peculiar sight in Gauley Bridge is the school bus that sits on a rock at the convergence of the New and Gauley Rivers. The bus was put there in the 1950s by local resident Bruiser Cole who used it as a fishing camp.